delivering value to the customers

Here at KNet we strongly believe in delivering value to the customers, which is why we start charging
only when we are certain that value is added to their business.

It is because of this belief that we will be offering you a completely free version (not a demo/trial version)
for an unlimited period of time, in order to add maximum value to you.

This is an unlimited, transparent, real-time ready to use live product.

So when will we start charging customers?

The free version will give unlimited access to most of the below listed features, for 10 users.
This expiation is unbounded and there are no restrictions on the number of transactions.

For all of the additional features which come along with the subscription for the full version,
the pricing starts from as low as 5$/user.

Plans Silver Gold Platinum
Number of users Upto 10 >10 >10
One time Installation Free Free *
Monthly subscription Free 5$/user Upto 20$/user
Master Data Management
Purchase request processing
Service request processing
Purchase order processing
Service order processing
GR Processing
Invoice Processing
Sale Order
Customer Invoice
Workflow Management
Secure Cloud Hosting
Mobile app access
Strategic Sourcing
Spend Analysis

*Based of preferred list of features

**Integration is only for standard features, any additional customization will be charged separately

Ready to get started?? This is an unlimited, transparent, real-time ready to use live product.