The New Way to success

Procurement has moved beyond its traditional role,
which is to obtain goods and services in response to internal requirements.

Effective procurement activities ensure support for operational requirements and strong relationships
with other functional groups. KNet delivers cloud based business automation solutions for organisations' sourcing, procure to pay, supplier management, inventory and account payable requirements.

About KNet

KNet enables greater visibility on the procurement process and helps organisations gain control through greater efficiency, reduced cost and optimal resources at all levels. Processes are made easier for the organization staff, approval authorities and their suppliers to conduct procurement activities efficiently.

KNet provides complete freedom to automate the entire procurement process in alignment with the organisation's existing policies. It also provides various options to work closely with suppliers for faster communication. Supplier performance can be monitored at any point of time and necessary steps can be taken to reduce risk across the supply chain.

This cloud based solution is not just faster, but also more straightforward than most on premise solutions. We ensure 100% availability of our solution to the customer organisation as well as to its partners. One important disposition that sets KNet apart is that there is no need for investment on hardware components and man power.

KNet will be the ideal solution for organisations to place themselves in a better position to concentrate more on expanding their core product functions, rather than just procurement.